Two years of Coronavirus in South Africa visualised

Over two years Media Hack collected detailed data on coronavirus in South Africa, and we decided to do something special with all the numbers we’ve collected daily over the past 110 weeks.

Did Africa pay more for Covid-19 vaccines?

Countries that made deals with pharmaceutical companies outside of Covax – barring Pfizer – paid more for their vaccines than other nations.

In the race against new variants, Africa ups genome sequencing

Genome research enables scientists to identify coronavirus mutations and is vital for vaccine development

How can Africa transform from a vaccine desert to a vaccine hub?

Long dependent on wealthy nations for its vaccine supplies, Africa is starting to build up its own vaccine manufacturing capacity.

Many young adults are applying for the Covid-19 relief grant, but it’s not enough to eat properly.

Children up to the age of 18 years are the largest group of recipients of social grants in South Africa.

Covid in Africa in one image

This portrait of how Coronavirus has affected Africa is updated daily.

Quick take: Africa doubles Covid-19 vaccines with donations from US

36 African countries have received donations from the US since July.

Covax in Africa: which vaccines are countries getting, and how much?

Only about 4%, or 55-million people in Africa, have received a dose of a vaccine so far.

Covid-19 in South Africa

How long will it take to vaccinate two-thirds of South Africans (67%)? This vaccination tracker updates daily to help you monitor progress.

How Covid-19 took hold in South Africa

South Africa is one of the top 10 countries worst affected by Covid-19. We used an interactive timeline to take you through South Africa’s first wave of the pandemic, from our country’s patient zero to the point where restrictions started easing up.