How much do SA municipalities pay their top managers?

Municipal managers are the highest-paid bureaucrats in a municipality.

SA municipality tracker

The Outlier Municipality Tracker is updated with the most recent changes in local government.

#SONA2022: How does it compare to the last 5 speeches by Ramaphosa?

2021 was a hard year for South Africa. We endured a second year of Covid-19 pandemic restriction and violent protests and looting. So how did President Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address differ from the last 5 SONAs?

Who’s ruling who? An interactive map of the parties running South Africa’s municipalities

All the hung municipalities have formed councils, so now we can see who runs which municipality.

Hung councils and low voter turnout are the main features of the 2021 elections

The number of municipalities that will be run by coalitions has more than doubled. Is this what the future of local government looks like?

What we can learn about municipal elections from the one held in 2016

There were 178 by-elections held since the elections in which 79 council seats changed hands.

Who are the candidates who want your vote in local government elections 2021?

We dug into the candidates list to find out how many are running in multiple wards and if young people are putting their names forward for election.

Who will be voting in this election? Not that many young people

South Africa’s 20-somethings have been less than enthusiastic about registering to vote in this year’s local government elections.

Rise of the independent candidates

“The political sands are shifting all across the world as citizens are losing faith in big political parties and seeking a new alternative.”

Quick take: An age-old problem – SA’s 2021 cabinet

On 5 August 2021 President Cyril Ramaphosa reshuffled his cabinet. The new cabinet is old: 20 of the 30 ministers are over the age of 60 and only one minister is younger than 40.