The Outlier’s grocery basket

Every month we will be looking at the in-store & online prices of the same basket of goods across four major retailers – Checkers, Pick n Pay, SPAR and Woolworths.

Our grocery bag contains:

One 700g Albany Superior Sliced White Bread (or store brand)
One store brand 2-litre sunflower oil
2.5kg IWISA maize meal
2.5kg Selati white sugar
One store brand two-litre milk
2kg Tastic rice
2.5kg Snowflake cake flour
One 175g Dettol Herbal Soap
18-pack of two-ply Baby Soft toilet paper

Where some brands aren’t available alternatives will be used, but our aim is to keep the products as consistent as possible every month.

Delivery costs: Checkers, Pick n Pay and SPAR offer the cheapest same-day delivery price of R35,00, while Woolworths charges R60,00 for the fastest delivery on their website or R35,00 using their app. For more on that, click here.

July 2022:

Prices as of 24 July, 2022

June 2022:

Prices as of 24 June, 2022

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